Our hearts beat as one

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I’m thinking this is the same scene, as a dream sequence for tony.

In the second photo, he’s turning to the side, probably talking to his apparition of Ziva. (IDK, the person who is in the seat away from tony is looking at him, probably asking if he’s talking to them or something)

But also, the seats are the same, so we’re positive it is on a plane. But it can either be when he’s arriving, or when he’s leaving. But my theory is when he’s leaving he’s seeing her like that, because it is the only time it would make sense if she says “Don’t worry, we will be okay”. 

But i could be wrong idk

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      I think Ziva is in the second photo. See, it looks like her nose. They just have a seat empty between them. idk.
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    13. andyflynns said: idk i think it’s the first plane scene and she has the necklace on because he plans on giving it to her when he sees her again??? this is so confusing :/
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